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Disk Dash is a group chat built on the idea that we can change the world.

Some of the different ways we are doing this are...

Social Media Engagement: Directing participants to like, share, or comment on posts related to a particular cause or campaign.

Search Engine Optimization: Creating websites linking to important content, enhancing online search presence and visibility.

Petition Campaigns: Organizing people to sign petitions expressing support for a particular cause, issue, or change.

Awareness Campaigns: Spreading awareness by directing people to informative articles, videos, or websites.

Advocacy and Lobbying: Sending emails, tweets, or messages advocating for specific policies and changes.

Event Promotion: Promoting events such as rallies, protests, and conferences.

These are just a few examples of how a large group of people organized on the internet can impact our world.

Disk Dash runs on Signal and is encrypted end to end.